New entries update – Spain Food Importers database

1 min read
Food Importers, New Entries
1 min read team is constantly working on its databases. The result of this daily effort is that today we can come up with new entries of our food importers database, focusing on Spain. As usual, we also give some examples of the importers we included in the database and some information regarding their activity: Alcahuz Distributions SA, wholesale company of food and beverage distribution , founded in 1979; Dialgava, S.L from Cambre, with the aim of “Trade, distribution and representation of food items” such as wines, champagnes, liqueurs, preserves, sausages and hams, cheeses, baskets and lots; DISTRIBUCIONES ASCASO from Jaca, is a leader in the field of distribution of beverages.

The following link lets you download the database directly.

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