2019 in Review: An Important Year for BestFoodImporters

1 min read
1 min read

We’re starting 2020 with fresh forces and a lot of exciting plans but let’s take some time and have a look at what happened in 2019 at BestFoodImporters.

  • 2,748 NEW COMPANIES were added in our databases during the last year and we’ve completely reviewed and updated the data of the 18.700 companies which are featured.
  • We’ve launched two new databases, the Ethnic Food Importers package, in May, which has over 1400 buyers that specialize in importing or distributing a wide range of ethnic food products (specific products from Asia, Middle East, Africa etc.) and the Frozen Food Importers package, in January,  with over 4,354 importers and distributors of this category of products.
  • One of our most ambitious projects was finalized last year, an improved Search Engine which allows users to instantly search brands and very specific keywords in the portfolios of thousands of companies. We’re the only company that offers something like this and it further helps our clients to save large amounts of time, as they no longer have to check each website individually.

This year we’re going to focus on another important segment of data, Customs Data, and we’re planning to launch a service that will integrate customs and shipping data for food importers and distributors from around the world. Other exciting projects are also in the works, so stay with us for a productive 2020!

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