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Simply let us know what is the product that you want to export, in which region you are looking for buyers, and we’ll assign an expert from our team to get started. He will create the right marketing campaigns for your products and generate positive replies and appointments from the food importers who are interested in your product.

You don’t have to waste any more time searching for leads online, making sure their contact details are accurate, creating email templates and finding a reliable email sender. We can take care of all these steps for you and we guarantee results – positive replies and appointments from importers and distributors who are interested in your product.

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Growth Plan

$ 1,199

one months plan

  • 5 qualified leads
  • 1 month campaign duration
  • Outbound campaign strategy
  • Lead research & validation
  • Copywriting and A/B template testing
  • Campaign management
  • Email delivery plus follow-ups

Pro Plan

$ 2,999

three months plan

  • 20 qualified leads
  • 3 months campaign duration
  • Outbound campaign strategy
  • Lead research & validation
  • Copywriting and A/B template testing
  • Campaign management
  • Email delivery plus follow-ups
  • Market research reporting

How it works



Getting to know your needs

You choose a plan, leave us your details and our sales agents will quickly get in touch so that we can get a better understanding of your needs, including what products you are seeking buyers for, your preferred export destinations and your overall goals. In addition, we will discuss your budgets and our guaranteed results solutions.



Laser focused prospecting

We use our entire arsenal of resources – including our databases that feature 31,567 importers and distributors, global trade data with millions of shipments, LinkedIn and a number of other tools to locate potential importers for exactly your specific product or product category. These leads are then saved as your dedicated audience.

Access to all these separate sources of data would normally cost thousands of dollars and you would also have to invest in a team who will spend countless hours to do filter the data. We do all this for you and the costs budget and time saved is significant.



We make cold emails and cold calls easy for you

Our experienced marketing team then creates a number of powerful emails that will have a high chance to attract the attention of the buyers and generate positive replies. With more than 15 years in the industry, we have tested a lot of emailing scripts and scenarios and now know what works and what doesn’t.

This is another step that would again require you to either hire a veteran marketing professional or the services of an agency, both costly options. By using our services, it’s all included in the package.



Professionally configured servers to send your emails

After the templates are ready we send out the emails with our professionally configured email servers to guarantee a the highest deliverability. A well configured server will allow the messages to avoid spam filters and reach the decision makers on as many platforms as possible.

After the emails are sent, another vital step starts. Our sales team uses efficient cold call templates to follow-up each email with phone calls to make sure the messages were received and are opened.



Positive replies from importers are forwarded to you

Positive replies to the campaigns are forwarded to you in a detailed report which also includes a comprehensive profile of the company that showed interest. Appointments can also be included and integrated in your calendar.

Frequently Asked Questions

A qualified lead is a contact (importer or distributor) that provides a positive reply, showing interest in your product, or sets up an appointment, following our initial campaigns.

In order for us to provide the 5+ qualified leads per campaign, we work with broader targeting options which focus on leads from a specific continent. If you have very specific targeting criteria (only one country, a niche product) please consult our sales team to make sure that we can generate results.

We target leads from our own database, the BestFoodImporters platform, which is probably the best in the industry, with over 27.000 importers and distributors. We also use the most important global shipment platforms and their data about buyers worldwide, plus a number of other reliable data sources.

Yes, we can also send emails that will try to generate appointments. These are ideal if you want to invite partners at an expo stand for example.

Once we receive the required details about your products and ideal customers, it will take up to two weeks to see the first results. During this time we create the templates, qualify the leads and set-up and send the campaigns.

Your campaign, including email and phone follow-ups to the emails, will initially run for 1 month. Most campaigns see the desired results during this time. If after the first months we don’t generate 5 qualified leads, our team will change its approach and run the process for another extra month for free. If even after this time we don’t reach 5 leads, the process stops because there might be a general problem with demand for your product/services.

For any other questions please contact our support team on the online chat or using the data on our Contact page.

Real Stories from Real Customers

Real Stories from Real Customers

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