Meet Some
of Our Clients

Discover some of the companies that have successfully used our databases to expand to new markets and locate reliable partners worldwide

Meet Some
of Our Clients

Discover some of the companies that have successfully used our databases to expand to new markets and locate reliable partners worldwide

Client Success Stories

Read the success stories of other companies which have used our databases

“I’ve gained tens of new prospects in countries where it’s challenging and very time-consuming to do the search myself due to linguistic issues. Working with BestFoodImporters is proving to be easier than I thought and it saves a lot of time and energy!”

Nicole Rados
Export Sales Consultant
Delicat Aliment

A great way to improve our International Business! The Bestfoodimporters team has been very helpful, providing both quality information and personal expertise. “

Carlos Garcia Perez
Export Manager

“The Meat Importers Database helped us find a number of interesting business prospects, which we hope will evolve into steady business soon.”

Andrius Kvaocevicius
Business Development

“The BordBia Library has been successfully using the BestFoodImporters platform to help its clients, Irish food producers, save time searching for fresh leads.”

Mairead McKeown
Manager, Knowledge & Critical Capability

“For the last couple of years, we have been able to discover completely new markets for our company, thanks to BestFoodImporters and their updated database.”

Henning Sprehe
Geflügel und Tiefkühlfeinkost

“Your product has helped us reach many importers and potential customers on 5 continents. The division of companies by continents enabled us to better track the returns from our customers.”

Harun Aydemir
‎Sales Marketing Manager

“BestFoodImporters offered us the possibility to access thousands of distributors and potential clients. In addition to the filters that allow you select the right companies, the information is also constantly updated, which translates in better data.”

Nuria Novoa Rodriguez
Export Sales
Royo Fruits

“The Fruit & Vegetables Importers Database was very helpful in making commercial contacts. We established some arrangements by using it.”

Rocío Aguilar-Nuevo
Export Department

“The database offers a real opportunity to take a look at the world from the perspective of a company looking to expand to other markets. A complete database with all the information you need to do your job!”

Pierpaolo Drago
Commercial Manager

BestFoodImporters proved to be an intuitive, dynamic, and up-to-date platform with all the necessary details of each country’s importers. The ability to sort by products makes any business development activity easy and effective, and it is a recommended tool for everyone on my team.”

Mario Moreira

Thanks to the BestFoodImporters database, we have been able to find a number of business partners over the past two years. In the Dairy products section, the contacts are up to date, you can find importers, distributors and various useful profiles to open new markets. It is easy to use and we recommend it to those who want to expand their portfolio of contacts.”

Margherita d´Agliano
Marketing Manager
Nature Blessed

“Your database is very easy to use and it has helped us get in contact and cooperate with many companies in our industry.”

Stavros Intzes
Export Department

“We opened at least 20 new countries in the last 2 years thanks to Best Food Importers. I found good and reliable importers and distributors in the database.”

Peter Traas
Export Manager
The Buttery Group

We have been using the platform for a while and we are very happy with the platform itself, how the information is displayed and the detailed list of importers/distributors. Customer service has been great also and Renata, our account manager has been very helpful and accommodating.”

Zander Tripp
General Manager

“The database was very useful for finding new partners, even in countries that were not on our radar initially. It’s easy to use and offers all the tools required to discover useful contacts worldwide.”

Alexandras Gorelis
Senior Supply Chain Manager

“The database saved a huge amount of time for us not having to search the internet for individual importers. All in all, the information you provided us with was very much worth the small fee we paid.”

Fabien Fougeres
Area Manager

“We are very pleased with the database so far, as the information was useful in searching and attracting new clients for our company.”

Marina Torres Romero
Commercial Department

“We have got new clients from Hungary and Lithuania this year thanks to using the Confectionery Importers database. It is very useful and we hope to get even more clients in other countries as well, as we continue working with it.”

Ergin Baykara
Managing Director
Luigi Tega

“The database is very useful for finding new partners. It’s easy to use and offers all the tools required to organize a promotional campaign. We managed to find buyers in different countries.”

Luigi Tega

“The database has been very useful for our company. We have been able to reach customers especially in new markets where we didn’t have any presence. The information is reliable and very easy to work with.”

María Tricio Díaz
Export Manager

“Thanks to the database we have found some interesting new contacts in the dairy sector. We’ve opened at least 10 new countries in the last year with its help.”

Marco Cipelletti
Business Development Manager

“Our company is trying to approach new markets and we think that so far using your platform offers us a big advantage: your lists are always up to date and allow to save so much time looking for potential partners on the web.”

Enrico Arisio
Business Development Manager
Cibo Crudo

“The database is an excellent product, easy to use and versatile. It’s useful for finding new markets and contacts and establishing lucrative partnerships.”

Annamatilde Baiano
General Manager
Martins Rebello

“The Dairy Importers Database has been a pleasant surprise and a great tool to support our Commercial and Marketing teams. With a simple layout, lots of contacts, accurate info and in constant update and development, it’s a tool you want to always have available.”

Daniel Silva
Export Manager

“The database helped us start a number of new commercial partnerships in a very short time after we started using it. Very useful!”

Annalisa Scarangella
Export Department
Cafe Excelsior

BestFoodImporters allowed us to contact buyers in many foreign countries. It offers an in-depth view of contacts, which will enable you to save a lot of time and have the direct references of the people with whom to interact. It is a great tool for expanding your business abroad.”

Francesca Reitano
Export Department
Fairy Wings Exports

BestFoodImporters allows us to start export projects in new countries, choosing the geographical area as well as other customer targeting options. Each database is constantly updated and includes useful information about each lead.”

Daniele Scialabba
Export Manager
Other Clients

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