Food Industry
Shipment Data

The subscription includes:

  • Access to Trade Data from the Customs Offices which offers a comprehensive insight into more than 1.800.000 shipments
  • Details about the food importers, products, arrival, port of entry, and more for each shipment
  • Contact data for the companies also found in the BFI Importers Platform
  • Global trade statistics and analytics
  • Free updates for the duration of the subscription
  • Dedicated online support

399 /6 months
Trusted by Top Companies Worldwide

How to use the trade data platform

A New Way to Find Food Buyers

Our shipment data platform provides a new source of fresh information about the trading activities of global food importers and suppliers, allowing you to find new potential customers.

Monitor Your Competitors and Discover their Partners

With the help of our trade data you can search for your competitors and see their activities – how much they are shipping and who are the buyers for their products, offering you valuable business insight.

Research Global Markets

Access to fresh global trade data and big data statistics allows you to be among the first to identify new market trends. You can also see who the biggest players for different sectors and regions are and evaluate the health of companies.

Big data processed by our AI systems


International Shipments





What you can do

Customs Data Analysis: Find Key Consignees and Shippers

Customs Data Search: Utilize HS codes and advanced keywords to search and retrieve extensive Customs Bureau data.

Report Generation: Generate comprehensive reports based on the collected data to identify the top global players in the food industry.

Consignee and Shipper Identification: Analyze the reports to identify the leading Consignees (receivers) and Shippers (senders) in trade transactions.

Complex company profiles offer an overview of the total shipments,
a timeline of the latest imports and exports, detailed bills of lading and a number
of other important details, including the contact information of the companies.

Powerful Data and Analytics

Simplified Trend Identification: With intuitive presets, you can effortlessly identify emerging market trends, staying ahead of the competition in a fast-paced industry.

Data-Driven Decision Making: Our analytics section harnesses the power of shipping data providing valuable insights to guide your business strategy.

Meeting Customer Demand: Analyzing shipping data helps you uncover new product opportunities, aligning your offerings with customer preferences and driving business growth.

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