A Year in Review for the BestFoodImporters Databases

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food importers 2018
1 min read

We’re ready to start a new year full of exciting projects but before that let’s take a moment and analyse some of the highlights of the year that just ended:

  • 5,124 NEW COMPANIES were added in our databases in the last 12 months. With the addition of these new food importers and distributors, our subscribers have access to more than 17.250 leads from around the world. This number will continue to increase in 2018.
  • REPORT FEATURE – the new feature permits our users to report a problem with a contact, allowing our team to quickly correct it
  • RATINGS – the subscribers can rate the companies from the database and write/read short reviews based on their interaction with them
  • PRINT INFORMATION – for an easier work offline, the company profiles can be printed in an accessible formatFor 2018 we have a number of very exciting things in development! We’re working on a system that will allow users to find importers of specific food brands, on the classification of the importers based on their size and we also plan to launch a few new databases.

These are only some of the features that will be available to our subscribers in the new year, so stay close and don’t miss the chance to grow your business to a new level.

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