BFI: New food importers from Russia and Africa

1 min read
1 min read

This September we have focused our efforts on food importers and distributors from Africa and Russia, expanding our databases with almost 100 new companies. We have also added more than one hundred other companies from other regions of the world.

The Russian food importers are mainly located in the Moscow area, but we also have a number of dairy and gourmet products importers from the Southern and Northwestern districts.

For Africa, we have expanded our databases with more food importers and distributors mainly from South Africa, Mauritius and Libia.

The users can view the latest companies added to the BFI Complete Food Importers database by accessing the online platform, going to the Database tab, and using the “Filter by date” filter. They can also quickly view which companies from the database have updated their contact information (changed their email, tel. number, etc.) and make sure they are among the first to contact the latest importers and distributors added to the database.

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