Discover the new features of the 2016 online version of the BestFoodImporters Database

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The start of 2016 opens up a new chapter in the evolution of BestFoodImporters: our databases can now be accessed via an online interface and include a number of new and extremely important features which aim to make finding buyers even easier. Thanks to your valuable feedback we have have identified a number of areas that could be improved, starting with the update process, the addition of new entries and to the possibility to use more advanced filters to target the importers/distributors. The results:
  • The most advanced filtering options on the market allow you to search companies who import very specific product types. For example if you purchase the Fruit & Vegetables Importers Database you will be able to use filters to view a list of companies who import Nuts or Dried Fruits or Mushrooms, etc. This allows you to save a lot of time by gaining access to buyers who are an exact match for your business.
  • Filter based on the origin of the products imported – we are the only company that allows you to identify companies who import products that originate from a selected country. If you are a producer of Spanish gourmet products you can use the filter to search companies who are looking for gourmet food produced in Spain.
  • Get new importers every day – we know that being ahead of the competition equals success so now our users can login to the database and be the first to contact the importers and distributors added each day to the database. The new companies can be viewed via the intuitive dashboard that’s now in the top area of the Home Page.
  • Gain access to the LinkedIn profiles of the persons in charge of acquisitions and connect to the company representatives. This gives you and edge over the competition and allows you to interact on another level with your contacts. Social media and sites like LinkedIn are increasingly important in the business world and many deals are  closed thanks to interaction in this virtual space.
  • See what changed – The contact details for the companies change all the time. Websites stop working, email addresses or telephone numbers are modified. Many companies even stop existing and contacting these dead leads is a waste of time. That’s why our team is constantly checking the validity of the information in our databases. With an online subscription you always get the latest data and can easily see which company details have been updated.
  • Save to favorites – Starting with the Excel versions, we have noticed that our users like to add their own personal notes to the database.  They mark the companies who are a good match and create a record of their interaction with them (ex. sent offers, received feedback etc.). Now we have made this even easier in the online version. Any company can be saved as a Favorite by clicking the star next to its row. Favorite companies can then be accessed from the tab on the Home Page and notes can be easily added and edited to each of them by clicking the small adjacent bubble icon.

We have improved many other areas of our databases and will continue to focus on creating the best product for food producers from around the world.

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