Financial Data Update and Top Food Importers from Estonia

1 min read
1 min read

This week we have released a new update which adds the latest available financial information for the food importers and distributors from Estonia.
Users have access to profit figures for a large number of companies from the Baltic market, as well as turnover details for some of the importers.
The financial info is useful in determining the size of the companies, helping you choose the best matching partner.

Top Importers from Estonia based on turnover:

1. As Kaupmees & Ko
2. As Maag Grupp
3. Maag Food Oü
4. Estover Oü
5. As Bambona
6. Svensky Kaubanduse As
7. Viljade Maailm Oü
8. Karia Food Oü
9. Karisma Food Oü
10. Goldberger Oü

To get access to the details of the importers you can purchase one of the BestFoodImporters databases.

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