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The food importers and distributors from Spain, included in the BestFoodImporters databases, have been recently completely rechecked.

The February country update focused on making sure that the emails continue to be valid, that the companies are still operating as importers or distributors and that they still import the various products mentioned in our description. We have also made corrections where these were necessary, adding new contact persons, changing the phone numbers, etc.

Here are some of the companies that have changed their address, their telephone numbers or their e-mail addresses: Freskisol S.L., distributor of frozen food: fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, seafood etc; Frutas Garralón Import Export, S.A, importer of fresh fruit from countries worldwide; Garda Import, S.L.: importer and distributor of delicatessen from Italy.

To get in touch with Spanish food importers you can purchase one of our constantly updated databases.

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