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Food Importers

In the last 20 years Poland experienced impressive economic  growth, a progress which translated in a dramatic increase in the country’s imports, especially in the food sector. This led to the emergence of a large number of Polish food importers and distributors that supply over 38 million people with a diverse range of food products from around the world. In the following guide we will focus on some of the established companies from this region.

1. Firma Import-export

Specialized in the import of fruits, vegetables, herbs and nuts, the company operates mainly in the Bielsko-Biała area. The company started its operations in 1991 and soon became a leading supplier for the confectionery industry and ice cream parlors. Its portfolio includes both raspberries, blueberries and strawberries, as well as more exotic fruit varieties from other continents.

Address:  Ul. Czerwona 117, Bielsko-biała
Phone:  0048 338104964
Top products imported:  Fresh Fruits, Fruit Vegetables, Nuts
Website: www.impo-expo.pl

2. Rybhand Sp.

What started as a small family business almost 20 years ago soon became one of Poland’s most dynamic seafood businesses. Rybhand import fish and seafood from the USA, Iceland, Norway, Greenland, Faroe Islands, Great Britain, Netherlands, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Spain, China, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand. The company also operates its own cold stores and freezing facilities.

Address:  Ul. Świętego Ducha 118/120, Jarocin
Phone:  0048 627473238
Top products imported:  Fresh Fish, Frozen Fish
Website: www.rybhand.com.pl

3. Puh Pilot

A large FMCG wholesaler and importer, Puh Pilot focuses on popular brands, mostly from Ferrero, Mondelez and Unilever. Some of the main products imported are tea and coffee, confectionery products and energy drinks. The company cooperates with producers from the European Union, both North and South Americas, Asia, Australia, Africa.

Address:  Staniewicka 5, Warszawa
Phone:  0048 222052540
Top products imported:  Coffee, Tea, Soft Drinks, Chocolate
Website: www.puh-pilot.com

4. Food Trading Sp.

With a focus on agricultural products, Food Trading is also a major importer of meat (beef, pork and poultry meat products). The company expanded over the years to the import of fruit and vegetables from around the world, sugar and grains.

Address:  Aleja Solidarności 155/35, Warszawa
Phone:  0048 221140001
Top products imported:  Beef, Pork, Poultry
Website: www.foodtrading.com.pl

5. Bury Sp.

One of the biggest fruit and vegetables traders in Poland, Bury has been operating for over 27 years in Central Europe. The company was founded by the brothers Bogdan and Jacek Burych and deals in both domestic and foreign fruits.

Company: Bury Sp. O.o.
Address:  Ul. Mełgiewska 38c, Lublin
Phone: 0048 814697755
Top products imported:  Fresh Fruits, Fresh Vegetables
Website: www.bury.pl

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