Japan Food Importers 2016: How to find the ideal Japanese partners

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Food Importers
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The Japanese market is constantly evolving and the population’s demand for imported goods has continued to grow, making 2016 an ideal year for exporters to try to establish business relationship with local importers and distributors. Below we will offer some quick tips that will allow you to overcome the initial problems and gain access to this high potential market.

Entering the Japanese food market requires a long-term commitment as finding the right distributor and going through the steps of gaining their trust might take close to one year. They will need to clearly understand what your production capabilities are, the strengths of the products and a lot more other aspects and usually these issues have to be discussed in live meetings. The very competitive food sector will also allow only the best products to succeed.
You must also make sure that all the products are compliant with the country’s strict regulations and that you have a website and customer support in Japanese.
A way to save time can be to get in touch with a foreign company who already has a solid relationship with Japanese food importers and distributors and to get them to introduce your products too. For an easier market entry, we would also suggest to choose an importer who also has in its portfolio similar products to those that you are already trying to introduce to the market.
There is an increased interest among Japanese consumers for organic, high quality European food products but exports should make sure that they invest in a solid marketing strategy targeted to Japan. Tastings, the presence to expos and fairs and various other product presentations are highly recommended.
For more tips you can check out the very detailed EU Japan Center guide

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