Global Food Import/Export News Highlights – Aug 2021

2 min read
2 min read

US grain export troubled by Hurricane Ida

The US, one of the world`s largest grain providers has been recently facing significant problems in its food supply mechanism, with Covid pandemic induced issues, workforce insufficiency as well as Hurricane Ida leaving 1 million homes without electricity.  Flood and wind damage has affected equipment as well as grain and soybean crops which represent more than 50% of US exports while power outages at several agricultural export terminals have disrupted shipments in the Southern US. The storm damage is still assessed while people are finding solutions to retake operations as soon as possible, especially in a time when China`s demand cannot be forgotten.

Sri Lanka declares food shortages

The Asian country of Sri Lanka is currently under emergency economic measures due to a sharp decline in the value of the local currency, leading to increased food prices and food shortages as financing imports get hampered. Moreover, the country which is a net importer of food is further troubled by a surge in Coronavirus cases, impending tourism, one of the country`s main sources of foreign income. Sugar, rice, cooking oil and other basic food supply is rationed by the authorities while prices are leveraged to control irregularities and the rising inflation.

Supply chains hindered in export-dependent Vietnam

Tightened restrictions and extended lockdowns brought by the Covid-19 delta variant are hindering the domestic production of several agricultural goods, including fruits and vegetables, seafood or coffee. The flow of goods is also hindered by logistical issues like shortage of containers, rising shipping costs, bureaucracy and social distancing measures, affecting exports to vital international markets like the US, China or Thailand. To leverage the difficult situation, Vietnam`s government has announced sending the army to help deliver aid to citizens while a plan to resolve the flow of goods is put into place.

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