Global Food Import/Export News Highlights – July 2021

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1 min read

Cuba lifts food imports on account of food scarcity and economic crisis

Cuba is recently creating buzz after thousand of citizens islandwide took to the streets to protest over widespread food and medicine scarcity. Furthermore, the residents are upset about the government`s handling of the Covid-19 crisis as well as the restrictions on travel, which has hugely affected the tourism sector, one of the country`s breadwinners. Following the events, the Prime Minister of the communist island, Manuel Marrero Cruz, recently announced on state television, the lifting of restrictions imposed on food and medicines, previously introduced by the government to reduce the introduction of foreign products through travellers.

Grains import record in Bangladesh

Despite its recent fame as a large scale producer of grains, namely wheat and rice, Bangladesh is this year more than ever reliant on imports on the account of climatic seasonal instability and pandemic induced turmoil affecting domestic production. As a result of reduced production and high demand, the country is often supplying from India, Vietnam or Thailand, marking the country as one of the most wheat importing nations in the world.

Competition is high at the China International Import Export Commodity Bazaar

Officially opened in April at Nanjing Road, one of the premier shopping streets of Shanghai, the China International Import Export (CIIE) Commodity Bazaar has shown nothing but huge popularity among residents, eager to explore and buy over 5,000 products from over 40 countries, from tea, to plant-based meat or chocolate. As China’s first retail bazaar featuring products showcased at the CIIE, the world’s largest import-themed expo, food entrepreneurs looking to promote their products have one of the most valuable opportunities to meet China`s significant consumer market as well as a great way to connect to potential market importers and distributors.

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