Global Food Import/Export News Highlights – June 2021

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2 min read

UK post-Brexit trade deals cause turmoil

Irish livestock farmers are being alarmed by the first post-Brexit free trade deal between the UK and Australia that would hamper Irish beef exports to the UK, one of its most important markets and the destination of more than 40% of beef. Moreover, future trade deals between the UK and other major meat exporting countries like the US, Canada, or New Zealand would intensify competition, market price points and food standards. Following the EU departure, British farmers are also concerned about the future market changes that would arise next but local businessmen are interested in the new opportunities.

China`s corn imports signal record 2021 demand

China, the world’s largest importer of corn, has already surpassed its last year`s corn imports and is about to hit a record high. Leading to this result is China`s recovery of pig farming and its increased demand for hog feed, respectively, its volatile and tight domestic feed supply. Despite the government`s advice to farmers to increase and diversify the local production of animal feed, corn demand is on the rise and imports are imperative to supply the market

Frozen foods imports under the radar in China

Since 2020, China has been carefully monitoring worldwide imports of frozen food products due to Covid safety measures. One month ago, the Zhanjiang Port situated in China’s Guangdong Province has suspended frozen food imports, especially seafood, from more than 10 Asian countries including India, Thailand, Vietnam or Pakistan due to prevention measures and cargo and workforce capacity.

Hong Kong band poultry import due to avian flu

Avian flue continues to hinder the trade of poultry worldwide. Despite importing 7 million eggs from Vietnam and 180 tonnes of poultry meat and eggs from Germany in the first three months of 2021, Hong Kong has announced a temporary ban on imports of poultry meat, eggs and other poultry products from Germany, Vietnam, Lithuania and South Africa.

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