Global Food Import/Export News Highlights – October 2021

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1 min read

Korea & ASEAN countries to strengthen collaboration

As a result of Korea`s agri-food imports tripling over the last decade to approx 3 billion, showing a steady growth of trade between Korea and ASEAN countries, the ASEAN-Korea Centre (AKC) has recently hosted a webinar on the further development of information and opportunities in food and beverage companies from both parties. The seminars were held in collaboration with the Korea Importers Association discussing the importance of the Korea-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement as well as the importance of the agricultural and food products to the ASEAN area. Discussions covered a wide range of topics, from safety food regulations, import customs or market trends.

Food shortage s across the US

Food demand is rising as we near the holidays, raising an alarm across the United States who is nationwide dealing with food shortages and delays in the supply chain, impacting both customers and local businesses that rely on imports. In part, supply issues stem from food shortages due to climate change affecting crops but also suffers disruptions from Covid-19 delays, labour shortage, or lack of materials for packaging, including aluminium used for canned goods. Food items that are difficult to find in the following period are canned foods, canned drinks, bread, frozen ready-made meals or meats like chicken, turkey, or beef.

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