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This document (hereinafter referred to as “Cookies Policy”), together with our Privacy Policy ( and our Terms of Use ( represents your contract with us, BestDataNet S.R.L, a Romanian company, registered with the trade registry with no. J05/486/2011, European unique identifier: ROONRC.J05/486/2011, tax registration no. 28206907, having with the registered office at Chişirid, 144 Nojorid, county Bihor, trading under the name BestFoodImporters (hereinafter referred to as “BestFoodImporters”, “we”, “us” or similar terms). The contract regulates the use of the website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”), therefore we encourage to read all of the above-mentioned documents carefully.

What are cookies?

They are small text files formed of letters and numbers, which are stored on your computer, mobile phone or other device you use when accessing various websites.

Cookies are not and do not contain viruses; however, they store information regarding the preferences and navigation history of the website users, they may be used as a form of spyware by malevolent persons.

It is your right to be informed regarding the way in which cookies operate, so that you may take the necessary measures to navigate on our Website securely and reliably.  That is why, before placing them on your browsing device, we offer you the necessary information regarding the types of cookies we use on our Website, the way and purpose for which we use them, and we ask for your agreement to use them.

Your explicit and informed agreement is requested through a cookie banner which you will see upon entering the Website. By checking the “Allow all cookies” box and further continuing to navigate on our website, you explicitly accept the use of the cookies, as described in this document.

If we do not agree to the use of cookies, as described in the Cookies Policy, you may continue to use the Website, however it is possible that certain functionalities be disabled (e.g. your user account may not be properly operated) or your browsing experience may be affected (e.g.: the Website may not work properly).

Why do we use cookies?

If your browser allows our Website to store the cookies on your browsing device, the cookies can be subsequently found and used.  We use the cookies because it helps us with the following:

  • To ensure that the Website functions properly;
  • To ensure that the Website is adapted to your needs and preferences (for example: to remember your language preferences etc.);
  • For statistical purposes and for analysis of internet traffic;
  • For marketing purposes (e.g. for providing you with personalized or special offers);
  • For other purposes described in this Cookies Policy.

We cannot disclose the information collected through the cookies to third parties, other than the partners mentioned in this Cookies Policy. We do not intend to and will not disclose such information to other persons, unless we are under a legal obligation to do so.


What are the cookies we use?

You can find a list with all the cookies that we use on our website in our cookie consent plugin, in the Cookie Declaration section, which displays the first time you access our website. On the bottom of the page on the right of the Allow all cookies button please click on the Show Details link to view all the cookies used.

Our Partners

Google, Agile CRM, Facebook, Vimeo, Avangate, Mailchimp

How can you eliminate the cookies?

The Website will recognize your browser until the cookies expire or are eliminated.

You can use the settings menu in your browser to eliminate certain cookies which are already stored on your browsing device or to block them in the future. You can also refuse the use of cookies by the Website.

Several popular browsers (such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox) offer the possibility to change the cookies settings. In general, they have default settings which grant various levels of cookies acceptance, with various characteristics (e.g. persistence, automatic deletion etc.). We encourage you to review such settings carefully.

Our Website may work partially if you choose to delete, deactivate or block certain cookies. However, deactivating or blocking certain cookies on the Website (from us or our partners) may prevent you to access or use certain sections or functionalities of the Website, making it difficult to visit and use.

For example, if your browser is configured not to accept cookies, it is possible that you may not register your user account or may not use certain services embedded in our website (e.g. the live chat service).

If you wish to learn more about cookies and their role (including how you can use the browser to block them or delete them), please access informative websites on the topic such as All About Cookies. ( ).

For more information regarding the cookies settings placed by partners or other third parties you may refer to the website: Your Online Choices.(

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