Food Importers in France – Discover the Latest Trends and the Top Companies

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France has always been synonymous with fine dining and world-famous cuisine. This also means that the European country has relied on high levels of imports of specific food products, chocolate, coffee or fruit juice being good examples. From 2000 to 2019, food imports in France averaged EUR 2584.92 million, reaching their highest value in October 2018 with a total of EUR 3759 million.

In this environment, the French food importers continued to diversify their portfolios, searching for both exciting new trends or good value items. In this article we will present a number of “hot” products that see demand in France and 5 top food importers and distributors from France.

Product categories that see rising demand

Foreign food producers looking to sell to the 67 million French consumers should consider some of the most interesting opportunities on the market. Fish products are a growing category, as well as fruit juice and soft drinks, including sweetened spring waters.
The last few years have also shown growing demand for dried nuts and fruits but fresh fruit, especially tropical and exotic are imported in large quantities as well.
It might come as a surprise but in France ready meals and various foods considered fast food are very popular. This makes frozen meals and specialty products, snack-food, seafood (especially frozen salmon), to be in high demand.
Other interesting opportunities are available for producers of candies, wild rice, chocolate bars, kosher and halal foods, protein meals and oils.

1. Naturalia France
Established in 1973, Naturalia is one of the top names in France when it comes to organic products, vegan food and healthy living, with an extensive range of products from these categories.

Address: 14 – 16 Rue Marc Bloch, Clichy
Phone: 0033178999696
Top products imported: Organic Products, Nuts, Fruits

2. Groupe Canavese

Canavese is one of top French names the fresh fruit and vegetable industry, with 11 regional locations and a team of over 450 people who handle both import, distribution, production and other related activities.

Address: 101, Allée De La Muscatelle, B.p. 161, Aubagne Cedex
Phone: 0033491434445
Top products imported: Organic Products, Nuts, Fruits

3. Solinest

A major player in the distribution of premium consumer brands, Solinest operates in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Address: 2 Rue De L’ill, Brunstatt
Phone: 0033389611639
Top products imported: Snack Foods, Confectionery Products, Water, Organic Foods

4. Quest Boissons

With over 70 years of experience, the company specializes in a wide range of beverages, including fruit and vegetable juice, soft drinks and various brands of stil land mineral water.

Address: 47 Rue Du Manoir De Servigné, Ille-et-Vilaine
Phone: 0033297242502
Top products imported: Juice, Soft Drinks, Mineral Water

5. J’Oceane

Established in 1991, J’OCEANE is the second-largest player in the Rungis seafood section and relies on a vast network of suppliers from around the world.

Address: 7 À 11, Allée De Sète, Rungis Cedex 1
Phone: 0033149790975
Top products imported: Fresh Fish, Fresh Seafood, Shellfish, Tuna, Shrimp

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