Food Importers and Food Import Trends in Norway 2020

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Food Importers, Trends
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Norway, the northernmost country in Europe, is one of the world’s top importers, with imports worth of US$ 74,89 billion in 2019, an increase of 6% from the previous year. Food imports continued to rise, especially for vegetable fats and oils, tree nuts and snack foods.

Due to its cold climate, with long winters and a short growing season, Norway has a high demand for fresh fruits and vegetables, mainly potatoes, corn, melons and other tropical fruits. Among its biggest suppliers are the EU countries, especially Spain, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States and also South Africa.

Tropical Fruits, berries and nuts
Tropical fruits represent a major source of revenue for the retailers in the Norwegian market, with some of the top sellers being bananas, melons, kiwi fruit, pineapples, and grapes. These tropical fruits sales had a value of more than US$ 295 million in 2018. Berries reported a sales value of US$ 157 million and melons reached US$ 138 million.
When it comes to all kinds of nuts, the USA is Norway’s top partner. Norway’s total imports of tree nuts were valued at $88 million of which $36 million originated from the United States. The United States is a leading supplier of both almonds and walnuts. Total almond imports were $18 million in 2017 and of which 90% originated from California.
Other suppliers are Spain, France, and countries from the Black Sea region.

Fish and Seafood
Fish and seafood imports from the United States were valued at $16 million and were dominated by shrimps & prawns, cod, scallops and Alaska pollock. Imports of shrimps & prawns are up mainly because the prawn industry in Norway has been in an abrupt decline. While smaller shrimps from Thailand and Vietnam are mainly used for sushi, which is growing in popularity, large shrimps from the United States are predominantly used by the high-end restaurants.

Cocoa and Tabaco, Fats and Oils
Norway is a major importer of cocoa and cocoa preparations, such as chocolate, cocoa butter and oil, cocoa powder and beans. The main suppliers for these products are Germany, with a value of US$29.15 million in 2018 and Denmark, with over US$45.7 million.

Other Norvegian imports worth mentioning fat are oils, especially vegetable fats, rapeseed, colza or mustard oil, vegetable waxes, beeswax, fish and marine mammal oil. These are coming from Denmark, Netherlands, Germany and imports reached approx. US$135.29 million during 2018.

Specialty foods, snacks, and fast-foods
Norwegian consumers developed over time specific tastes for a number of international brands which can now be found in many Norwegian super-markets. We’re talking about specialty products and snacks, mostly from the USA, in particular sauces & condiments, syrups, beverages, beans. Classic American products like macaroni cheese, raisins, marshmallows, and popcorn are also very popular and imports are constantly growing.

Three food importers from Norway:

1. Trygve Tønjum Import AS
Address: Minde allé 48, 5068 Bergen
Phone: (+47) 55 20 80 50

2. Asian Food Import
Address: Grensenveien 97C Oslo
Phone: 004722686400

3. Foodbroker
Address: Holterkollveien 3, Drobak
Phone: 004764937900

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