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Slovenia continues to be an attractive location thanks to its ability to outpace most EU fellow countries in terms of life quality, business ethics, economy and many more. Its citizens are proud of their environmentally-friendly nation, home to a fusion of cultures due to its Central European location, as well as modern transportation infrastructure. Opportunities for trade and investment can be easily spotted, thanks to Slovenia`s well-integrated part into many markets, as a result of membership in the Schengen Area, the Eurozone and the EU.

Slovenian consumer overview

The Slovenian consumer is well informed and more demanding with market development. As in many other countries, price and quality are basic influencers of purchasing behaviour. Percentage-wise, up to 20% of Slovenians are willing to spend on quality food, while the rest are trying to find a balance between these two factors. Moreover, food purchasing for the modern Slovenian consumer is also influenced by product availability, taste, visual attractiveness, health and environmental concerns, as well as income.

Trends and opportunities

Low self-sufficiency
Although Slovenia has diverse natural agricultural resources, the disproportion in crop growing stems from an unfavourable land area (mountains, hills and forests), placing Slovenia among the countries with the most difficult conditions for agricultural production in Europe. Thus, compared to other European countries, the level of self-sufficiency in food is low in some areas and compact Slovenia is highly dependent on international imports of food. Low self-sufficiency is seen in cereals, sugar, edible oil, vegetables, coffee, tea, cocoa and spices.

Niche segment
With a population of 2 million, Slovenia is a small export market, prone to ”buy Slovenian”, thus besides the scarcity in some food segments, suppliers have to take note of the export opportunities in niche categories. As a leading country in sustainability, there is no surprise Slovenia is part of the European trend of bio/organic food items, which are mainly imported due to insufficient production, certifications, and high demand. Moreover, the health and wellness trend also encompasses consumers` focus on ingredients and supplements, and in general, food with nutritional and health benefits. Consumers are increasingly conscious about reading and understanding food labels before purchasing, as well as the methods of food processing.

Convenience and food exploration
Baked goods and breakfast cereals continue to be relevant and show a rise in demand on the Slovenian market due to being quick, convenient, alternative meal options. This trend of time-saving, convenient food, combined with rising disposal incomes created a pattern towards spending money on premium products and food items in general. As a result, ready-made meals, snacks, chocolate and confectionery items are also in this category, available in a wide range, to satisfy Slovenians` demand for various tastes while players active in these categories are also looking to bring healthier, more nutritional offerings on thr market.

Competition & sales channels

Sales channel in Slovenia are highly concentrated, with the three largest retailers, Mercator, Spar, Tus holding the majority of market share thanks to promoting good standards and a wide, international range of products.

At the same time, specialist retail shops and discounters continue to grow in popularity, through promotions while e-commerce has been gaining momentum once with changing consumer behaviour due to rising incomes, increased trust in the online channel, desire for convenience, and Covid-19 situation.

The main commercial partners of Slovenia originate from the European Union, particularly France, Germany, Italy, Austria among others, as well as former Yugoslav republics like Serbia, Croatia, or Bosnia Herzegovina.

3 Food Importers from Slovenia:

Baron International D.o.o.
Obrežje 4, Radece
+386 3 568 08 51

Rastoder D.o.o.
Address: Dvorakova Ulica 3, Ljubljana
Phone: +386 1 432 73 96

Vigros D.o.o.
Address: Puconci 10, Puconci
Phone: +386 2 536 10 70

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