Uruguay Food Imports 2016: Top Trends

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Food Importers, Trends
1 min read

The constant increase of the population’s purchasing power, as well as the shift towards a healthier lifestyle make Uruguay an interesting target for food exporters from several sectors.

The South American country relies on imports for many food & beverage products and the potential can easily be recognized by companies who are willing to get past the strong competition from the nearby countries (Brazil, Argentina) and the sometimes-complicated bureaucratic procedures.

The country’s growing middle class demands higher quality products from the USA or Europe, while the concern for healthier food determines an increase in the demand of health foods and snacks, as well as various fresh and dried fruits and nuts.

Confectionery products remain a local favourite in Uruguay and imported sweets are gaining more and more momentum. Among the favourites are chocolate, cookies, snacks and pastries.

The adoption of the western style of cooking in more and more households has also fuelled the demand for a wide range of more sophisticated ingredients, including various sauces, dairy and meat products or additives.

Companies who want to get into the market can try to get in touch with the very flexible local importers and can also try to establish a connection with the larger supermarket chains from Venezuela, who will often be willing to import food products directly.

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